Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why page load speed of website is important for SEO

One of the most vital aspects of SEO campaign is page load speed. In case you are newbie you mayn’t realize its importance but if you’re astute SEO professional then you can’t undermine its importance. The main reason why page load speed is important is due to fact that your site visitors expect it and you can’t ignore needs and requirements of user. Following things that affect your page load 

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Themes and Skins
  • Multimedia presentation
  • CMS with heavy code
  • JAVA Script
  • Extraneous codes
Hence, they should be used optimally otherwise your conversion rate may suffer. Now the second question arises how to improve your page load speed

Resolve page load speed
It’s first step to ameliorate your page load speed and check your current load speed. There are numerous add ons to Firefox that can help you. Google also has add on feature named as Page speed that can be particularly useful in determining page search ranking. Google has infinite knowledge on Page load speed on how can you augment speed.

Curtail Redirects
The server load on redirect website is quite high and hence you need to check redirect order within your coding. This process can take fairly long time if there is lot of Meta data to redirect. Hence, redirecting the user consumes lot of substantial time and hence should be avoided at any cost.

Try to use external scripts for JAVA script
There is a myth that external scripting lowers down the speed as multiple files are involved in loading a page but the truth is that external scripting augments speed of website as the browser need not to parse to entire JAVA script or CSS file to get actual layout elements in HTML.

It is another great way to amplify your page load speed. Caching means creating copies of that element and serving that again and again until the page is refreshed. It assists the server and it don’t build page again and again from scratch. The trade off is that cached content is not updated until and unless the page is refreshed.

Cumulate CSS into large file
Most modern sites have innumerable number of CSS Files and each file requires a server request which further slows down page load as there is always some network latency and hence if you aggregate CSS into large file then all return trips to server will lower down and thereby increasing page load speed.  

Amass the script
As an experienced webmaster you know that all JavaScript file can’t be aggregated into one file and hence through your knowledge you can try to compress them.

Page compression
The best part is that you can compress HTML text, CSS and JavaScript which might take only 30-40KB of transfer and provide you huge speed enhancement.

Hence, by improving page load speed you can improve your Google search rankings as well as amplify user’s experience and both these things are crucial for success of any website. So, streamline your website so that it can load within a blink.


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